Fabiola Gomez has worked her magic behind the scenes in the corporate, beauty, fashion and luxury landscapes for over 20 years, and brings to LUXit unparalleled expertise, influence and industry connections.

Fabiola’s career began as the director and founder of her law firm, Lyon, in 1997. Following this, Fabiola transitioned into the GM position at Blink Online Dating in 2004, progressively employing database growth and affiliate advertising ahead of the curve.

A sought-after brand consultant, Fabiola commenced working with Australian brand Camilla in 2007 during its conception, elevating and developing the brand to it’s now iconic status, growing the brand to a premier, international level. Camilla and luxury are now synonymous, and Fabiola targeted the luxury space with her strategy, making Camilla garments accessible in 6-star hotels internationally.

In the beauty sphere, Fabiola then directed her celebrity-acclaimed natural tanning line ASYANA to great success.

An intuitive and innovative connector, Fabiola founded LUXit in August 2015 to facilitate the lives of Australian women and men seamlessly and conveniently, allowing them to receive premium beauty and grooming services at their home or office.

LUXit represents ingenuity, luxury and exceptional customer service, and these values are at the forefront as Fabiola advances the beauty industry, bringing LUXit Australia-wide. Fabiola is passionate about supporting the beauty industry in Australia, and is proud to provide a beneficial support network to our freelance creatives.